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Tidy up your office and make your tasks easier with the right filing cabinets.

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The basis of an orderly office: Everything in its Place and a Place for everyThing. 

If we want everything to be ordered, we must think about how to design the space so that we can have archive furniture that allows us to place, order and access any document, dossier, rate, catalogs or whatever is necessary in an easy and comfortable way.

Personal drawer or common office cabinets

It is important to differentiate between the personal file (where to have each person's utensils or confidential documents) and the general file. Each type of file cabinet has a specific function, finding drawers for personal use (generally with a pencil drawer and a pair of drawers for documents). This type of furniture allows free space on the tables, being able to leave the table tidy after each day, or even share a table or space with more users.

Filing furniture for hanging folders Filing

cabinets or file cabinets are also essential in offices, where we can file, with the necessary classification, invoices, orders or the documentation that must be ordered, for example, alphabetically. We have metal drawers for filing. But we must not forget that these types of folders can also be placed in cabinets with doors.

You can choose the type of file cabinet according to the space available in our office.

Office cabinet with doors and lock

The most generic and adaptable piece of furniture of all is, without a doubt, the office cabinet with doors and lock that allows you to close it and determine who can access its contents.

The interior of the cabinets can be distributed in the way you want, incorporating a shelf, metal shelves for filing cabinets (if they must hold a lot of weight), shelves or racks for placing folders, etc. 

Regarding aesthetics and comfort, we have in our catalog metal office cabinets with "shutter" or sliding doors. 

Wide range of office filing furniture

In summary,within our office furniture catalog you will find a wide variety of filing products such as cabinets or drawers, cabinets, bookcases, etc. Of different sizes and file capacity: small, medium and large. From cabinets with doors and locks to bookcases with the option of choosing from a wide range of colors. Perfect for storing file cabinets and hanging folders.

Tidy up your office and make your tasks easier with the right filing cabinets.
The basis of an orderly office: Everything in its Place and a Place for everyThi
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