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Top 2021 Design Trend Metal Furniture

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Metal furniture's beginnings

Steel was the first metal to gain popularity in American furniture design, beginning in the 1920s when Marcel Breuer, who later headed the Bauhaus movement as a furniture designer and architect, was inspired by the tubular steel used in the construction of bicycles, according to Phaidon. Breuer began design of his armchair in 1925, and it wasn't until three years later he was satisfied with the design, which was from then on known as Wassily. Following a brief lull in design innovation during wartime, advances in metal furniture manufacturing picked back up in the 1950s. Furniture designed from aluminum, wire mesh, steel rods and more became classified in its own aptly named category: mid-century. Wassily chairs and similarly inspired designs are still sold and considered stylish and chic accent pieces in homes around the world. 

Metal furniture today

While mid-century decor is still an extremely popular style today, metal design trends have branched out since the 1950s. Today, you can find metal furniture in styles ranging from antique wrought iron to cutting-edge, minimalist chrome. People are also starting to integrate multiple design styles into their homes, creating a unique blend and balance of style to reflect their individual personality in their living spaces. Decoraid reports that today's metal furnishings are increasingly sculpted and give an artistic, organic element to otherwise timeless spaces. Metal's durability and endless potential for design possibilities make it an ideal material for building both indoor and outdoor furniture. Think patio seating, front porch lamps, breakfast bistro table and more.

Integrating metal furniture into your home

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, there are many ways to integrate metal furniture into your personal design scheme. Intricate metalwork pieces in rugged black give an industrial or farmhouse look, while bright brass, silver and gold accents add visual appeal to a mid-century room, according to Hayneedle. Decoraid suggests using high shine metal in moderation to add a glimmer of understated glamor to rooms. Collected Interior says metal backsplashes are very in right now, and also notes that silver and brown are good metals to mix and contrast. However, they also warn against mixing more than three metals in one space at risk of overwhelming the space. Interesting ways to integrate metal furniture into existing spaces in your home are to add large pieces as accents. Try placing metal tables and chairs in rooms to add an interesting contrast to other materials. If you don't feel you're ready to commit to a dining set, you can take smaller steps. Experiment with smaller decor elements like lamps, mirrors and wall art to ease your spaces into the metal furniture trend. Metal furniture isn't just for your patio. Experiment with metal bed frames, side tables and lamps to modernize your space.

Arwood's selection

We offer a selection of hundreds of metal pieces from trusted brands in styles ranging from rustic to modern. Browse our selection of tables, chairs, bed frames, lamps and more to start elevating your space with 2021's top design trend.

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Top 2021 Design Trend Metal Furniture
Metal furniture's beginnings Steel was the first metal to gain popularity in American furniture design, beginning in the 1920s when Marcel Breuer, who later headed the Bauhaus movement as a furniture
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