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Cold-rolled steel file cabinet, is it really so easy to use

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Steel filing cabinetsare generally used by companies to place some documents, files and the like. Because steel filing cabinets are durable and easy to clean, and the selected materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, they are widely used. According to the actual situation, how to choose different standard steel filing cabinets?

According to the needs of customers, steel filing cabinets are available in different sizes ranging from two-layer structure to 8-layer. You can choose a suitable steel filing cabinet according to the size of the files to be placed. The materials are also various and multi-standard.

Generally, the standard size of a two-story steel filing cabinet is 90 cm long * 40 cm wide * 90 cm high. The double-layer steel filing cabinet with the door opens, and the welding part adopts high-standard fusion welding, the surface is effectively kept flat and smooth, and it is particularly convenient to clean.

The standard size of the three-layer steel and iron filing cabinet is 90 cm long * 45 cm wide * 59 cm high. The three-layer drawer can be classified and stored according to the items. At the same time, it has high-quality locks and foldable keys. The lock cylinder can be replaced to ensure the safety of the items. At the same time, the height of the laminate can be adjusted to facilitate the storage of things. The simple and stylish steel inlaid handle is easy to pull and pull, and the three-layer steel iron sheet The left side of the file cabinet is an invisible cabinet, which can increase the storage space of items, while the right side is a small and practical drawer cabinet, which can easily store all kinds of small objects, which is very practical.

There is also a common floor-standing file cabinet. The standard size is 90 cm long * 40 cm wide * 185 cm high, and the number of layers is 6. It is generally used for changing clothes cabinets in companies or storage cabinets in supermarkets. The surface of the door is smooth, and the choice of material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, and has no harm to the human body. The height of the movable partition in the door can also be automatically adjusted, and the space can be freely allocated according to needs. It has good moisture resistance, even if you put a lot of books. It can effectively maintain no deformation, and the high-grade special locks configured increase the safety factor of the steel filing cabinet. Processing, has a large amount of storage.

When using steel filing cabinets, avoid colliding with other sharp objects, and avoid placing them in places that are exposed to direct sunlight and not damp, in order to prevent the plastic powder from oxidizing the surface of the steel filing cabinets, and at the same time Avoid overloading, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the file cabinet.

Cold-rolled steel file cabinet, is it really so easy to use
Steel filing cabinetsare generally used by companies to place some documents, fi
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