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Advantages of steel furniture

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When you think of steel office furniture, do you feel cold and have no sense of closeness? Our office has to face countless documents, materials and picture books every day... How can we make them orderly? Besides these most basic things, do we also have some other pursuits? Steel furniture can do more. Let's start with the advantages of steel furniture.

       So how to find a safe place for documents? The office filing cabinet is both. However, various steel file cabinets have become the favorite of office cabinets due to their many advantages in material, and are welcomed by people.

       Compared with traditional wooden furniture, steel furniture has significant advantages in fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. Steel furniture is generally pressed by cold rolled steel plate. In addition, its surface is electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spraying, or sprayed with epoxy resin after phosphating treatment. Therefore, the high hardness and strong chromaticity of steel furniture are formed, so that the external paint will not fall off or cause surface depression due to ordinary impact. Therefore, the furniture is often new, and the simple and atmospheric straight-line design makes the steel office filing cabinet never outdated even if it is used for a long time. At the same time, the use of the above-mentioned coloring method avoids the generation of harmful gases harmful to health in the production process, and makes the use of users more safe and environmentally friendly.

 The steel furniture series are generally light, simple and economical mobile storage devices. They can reduce the use of space with maximum storage efficiency and save your rental expenses. It's no exaggeration to say that the annual expenses can allow you to buy a new set of file cabinet combinations.

       In addition to the overall steel furniture and office cabinet, some humanized accessories, such as the fixed shelf that can bear 40kg, the movable shelf that can be used as the movable workbench, and various hanging clip holders suitable for folders, further enrich the storage function of the office.

       Steel office furniture is often used as a storage cabinet, but also for changing cabinets and shoe cabinets in public environments. In general, it is a general trend for steel furniture to replace wooden furniture. Compared with wooden furniture, steel furniture has low price, long service life, good sliding performance, and can save about 20% of space.

       Of course, in addition to the traditional large-scale office environment, a certain number of office cabinets are also required for some small offices just starting. Compared with general office furniture, steel furniture has a longer service life, and the style is not easy to be outdated. It can provide more accommodation for small companies, and the price is relatively moderate.

       No matter the size of the office is large or small, office storage has become the current trend. It brings us a clean office environment, improves our work efficiency, allows us to pack documents and office supplies in a simpler way, and can face work with a more relaxed mood.

       Kemei is a leading brand in the steel office furniture industry. The company's products are rich in dense cabinets, steel file cabinets, steel office desks, steel movable cabinets, disassembly and assembly file cabinets, steel library furniture, steel medical furniture, dressing cabinets and lockers. It is an enterprise specialized in providing high-quality steel furniture services for enterprises and institutions such as office buildings, factories, schools and governments.

Advantages of steel furniture
When you think of steel office furniture, do you feel cold and have no sense of closeness? Our office has to face countless documents, materials and picture books every day... How can we make them ord
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